Introducing "SBR": SAMGO1 Breathlessness Reducer Patent Pending

The SBR unit outsmarts your brain into reducing the sensation of breathlessness

The Ultimate Respiratory Solution

SBR Unit

The blowing of filtered atmospheric air through a plastic mask onto the face along with the vibration of a fan motor will immediately stimulate the muscles, vessels and nerves of the entire face resulting in reducing breathlessness by mechanism of action: stimulation of facial receptors (5th cranial nerve/trigeminal nerve) which triggers the brain into perceiving a reduction in breathlessness (evidence based research).

The SBR unit provides advanced technology towards improving fan therapy.

The SBR unit increases oxygen levels between one and two millimeters on a SpO2 oximeter reader.

-Reduces the need for oxygen -Reduces the sensation of breathlessness -Reduces panic attacks -Reduces anxiety -Reduces hot flashes -Produces a calming affect -Promotes restful sleep -Promotes safe airflow against bacteria and viruses (99.9 filter effectiveness)

SBR Benefits

-Dyspnea breathing aid -COPD/Cystic Fibrosis breathing aid -After excercising breathing aid - Outdoor activity breathing aid -High stress breathing aid - Sleeping breathing aid

Example Usage

The SBR unit is beneficial for breathlessness COVID-19 patients/survivors due to the face mask containment of virus/infected droplets.

Vibration of chest wall inspiratory muscles during inspiration (in-phase)
reduces breathlessness associated with hypercapnia and resistive loading in
normal subjects and in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
(COPD) at rest.

SBR Unit

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