EPA-Approved Antimicrobial Surface Coating Represents Breakthrough in the Control and Spread of Infectious Diseases.

How It Works:

Simply velcro the arm band around your upper right or left arm.

When prompted to sneeze or cough onto the antimicrobial coated arm band killing life-threatening bacteria and virus.

Reusable up to 3 years.

Do not wash. Only wipe clean with soap and water when soiled.

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Capable of killing particles as small as 0.007 microns at 99.99% efficiency (which is smaller than SARS-CoV-2.

BNA Coating has been proven effective against more than 20 life-threatening bacteria, viruses, and fungi; self-sanitizing protocol prevents new growth for up to 3 years.

BNA, a non-toxic, natural mineral-based, antimicrobial, antiviral surface coating, which has been Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved since 2002, is effective against the Influenza virus.

BNA has demonstrated through independent laboratory tests 99.9% effectiveness against more than 20 microbes that cause influenza, asthma, allergies, staph infection, polio, hepatitis, cholera, and Legionnaires' disease.

The coating has also been found to be effective against the Influenza virus and remains active against these microbes for up to 3 years.