Our RS1 Particle Mask is designed to help protect the wearer against inhaling airborne particulates. 

 99.999% down to 0.027 microns. 4 times easier to breathe through, user friendly seal check, costs less, reusable, USA material, effective in rain conditions, superior airtight seal.

Nelson Laboratory tested and equivalent filters are used on hospital ventilators protecting against COVID-19. Meets ASTM F2101-F2299-D461-D737-D-461


Nanofiber Technology Pandemic Universal Face Mask

For The Human Population

Meets N95/FFP2 Standards

Meets ASTM F2101-F2299-D461-D737-D-461

RS96 Particle Mask

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About Our Product

RS1 Particle Mask is designed to help protect the wearer against inhaling airborne particulates. Airborne particulates are solids or liquids suspended in breathable air and can be classified as dusts, mists or fumes. Inhaling airborne particulates may have an inverse effect on health and, depending on the particulate inhaled, this effect may be irreversible. A well fitted RS1 mask will help protect against fine toxic particulates including asbestos, bacteria, and viruses. 

SAMGO1 LLC will not be liable for any loss or damage coming from this product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential.

RS1 vs N95

N95 masks protect by capturing particles with an exposed filter. The accumulation of particles on the external surface of the respirator may be an exposure hazard from contact with the filter, including becoming a fomite for infectious agents. Users should be cautious and follow appropriate procedures to avoid self-inoculation from contact with the the mask.

Shelf Life/Cleaning Instructions

FDA recognizes that, when alternatives, such as FDA-cleared masks or respirators, are unavailable, individuals, including healthcare professionals, might improvise PPE.

Additional Information For First Responders & Hospitals

RS1 Particle Mask is effective in outdoor raining conditions!

All exposed material filter masks (N95 etc…) are not effective in outdoor raining conditions!

First Responders working in outdoor raining conditions (Police, EMT’s and Firefighters) need a product that is effective in outdoor raining conditions!

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) states DON'T wear if wet or soiled, get a new N95 respirator. 


Laboratory Testing:

Nelson laboratories mask and filter testing using standard test protocol (STP) ST0005 Rev 03.Percent BFE>99.9Delta P (mm H2O)Mean Particle Size (MPS) 3.0umArea tested: Entire filter with Particle size 0.1um (0.097 + 0.003um)Lower Delta-P translates to increased breathability.5.0 Hot4.0 Very warm3.0 Warm2.0 Cool1.0 Very cool

RS1 Particle Mask Delta-P testing results: 0.8Resistance to penetration (plastic mask) 100% Flammability: Meets ISO 10993
Shelf Life: No shelf life!

Stockpiling advantage

No re-stockpiling until usage
Fabric Mask Material:
Fabric mask material (N95) worn longer than 20 minutes in an aerosol environment lose their protective quality and allow microorganisms to penetrate through wet material by a process called "wicking" so fabric mask material should be changed every 20 minutes during procedures that generate heavy fluid exposure or contact with wearer's nostrils or lips.
RS1 Particle Mask:
RS1 Particle Mask quarantines bacteria and viruses in an enclosed filter housing. Wicking process cannot occur on plastic mask.

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True to your words the RS1 respirator masks were great and the few persons who used the masks stated that they have never used anything compared to it.
Everyone who had them on said they breathed with ease. The fact that they are actually reusable placed them all the way to the top of the list when compared to other respirator masks.

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