Battle Damage Repair

Instantaneously repair battle damage (BDR) or jam any firearm within 20 feet making it inoperable.  The JAMMER product has the capability to accomplish both.  Minimizing time on the ground has become an increasingly important aspect of any operation-military or civilian.  Modern fuels can also be a factor since the construction of fuel tanks in some older model aircraft, tanks, helicopters, etc...still in use renders them susceptible to corrosion.  The leak issue is, undeniably,  a multifaceted one.  The bottom line is that there will be times in peacetime and combat when traditional maintenance procedures cannot be followed.  In some cases, important equipment must be brought back to fully mission-capable status (or self-recovery status) as quickly as possible.  When this happens, commanders must implement the (BDR) procedures.  The JAMMER product seals hard-to-reach leaks, without the need for disassembling or removing parts.  The JAMMER can withstand up to 500 plus Fahrenheit and can insulate to 8000 plus volts.

The JAMMER Product may be used on:

Fuel leaks, Jamming firearms, hydraulic leaks, wiring protection, metal-to-metal welding, plastic-to-plastic welding, aluminum-to-aluminum welding, rubber-to-rubber welding, glass-to-glass welding, wood-to-wood welding, radiator leaks, water hose leaks, air leaks, exhaust leaks. 

Possible Usage: 

Disable explosive mines, destroy electronic equipment, and disable enemies firing mechanisms on all types of weapons including aircraft, tanks, etc.