Q: How long does the filter last?                                                                 

A: Up to three months

Q: What type of filter is used on the SBR Unit?                     

A: SAMGO1 uses a FDA Certified NANO Fiber Technology Filter.

Q: How much does the SBR Unit weigh?

A: Total weight: 13.8oz

Q: What is the air velocity of the SBR Unit? 

A: With filter 7 mph / without filter 14 mph 

Q: Is the SBR Unit battery operated? 

A: The SBR Unit is rechargeable containing a 12V Lithium-ion power bank.

Q: How safe is the face mask?   

A: The SAMGO1 SBR is a FDA Pre-market exempt clear plastic mask with strap.

Q: Can the air velocity be reduced? 

A: Yes, by placing your hand over filter area to regulate airflow.  

Q: Do I have to strap mask on to form my face? 

A: Place the SBR unit face mask in your hand holding it against your face at any desired distance from your face for comfort.

Q: How often should I use the SBR unit?   

A: The SBR unit may be used as needed.  However, should not be used for more than five minutes continuously.  Relax...inhale through nose exhale through mouth to optimize the SBR benefits.