Impossible for Law Enforcement to arrive in time.
Gun Laws and Background Checks help but will not stop anyone from obtaining a firearm.

Firearms against firearms is not working because the majority of good Samaritans do not want the responsibility. (Accidental discharge, Missing and shooting an innocent person, Firearm being taken, etc...).

Making a firearm inoperable instantaneously will create the opportunity to safely run away or increase the odds of your success of fighting the attacker.

For the first time ever, now there is a product that will instantaneously jam any
firearm that has a trigger pull or ejection port mechanism making the firearm

For maximum effect vigorously shake containers at least one time before spraying.  

Using the two-thumb squeezing method is recommended when spraying the firearm. Remove red caps before spraying and spray trigger/ejection port with a one-inch side-to-side motion contaminating this area. Squeeze with maximum force!

Refer to the video.

Only direct spray pattern towered trigger pull or ejection port or both of any firearm to successfully jam the operation of the firearm.

See illustrations to educate yourself on the location of trigger pulls and ejection port mechanisms on different types of firearms.

Use only as directed. Not intended for any other usage. 

Enough ingredients for 2 plus applications. 

Use thumbs to squeeze product on non-labeled side as shown below.