JS1 Breathing Enhancer

Benefits and intended use:

  1. Permanently charged electrostatic filters will last up to 3 months.
  2. Works on most types of fabric masks.
  3. Increases speech recognition.
  4. Addresses carbon dioxide concerns.
  5. Increases breathability.
  6. Reduces heat build-up.
  7. Increases air-tightness by having to stretch the face mask inward and downward.
  8. JS1 may be used over and over again when changing to a new face (surgical) mask.
  9. Filter may last longer depending on usages.



Discontinue use and replace with a new JS1 enhancer when filter shows signs of dirt or difficulty breathing. Filter cannot be cleaned.


Can your fabric face mask stand on its own?  The JS1 can 24/7 (please see video for explanation). 


Place the JS1 enhancer device on the bottom center of the mask; roll up both sides of mask onto the JS1 Enhancer double sided tape. Always place filter side inside the mask. Replacement double sided strips are included for mask changes. Optional clamps are provided for extra air-tightness. Use scotch (indoor or outdoor) double-sided mounting tape for your mask changes.. See video for explanation.