Laboratory Testing

Sodium Chloride (NaCI) Aerosol entire mask test. Airflow Rate 85+4 L/min.  Did not exceed 1.86 microns.  Passed test procedure STP0014 Rev05.

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Differential Pressure.  Test complies with ASTM F2101.  Results:  Delta P (mmH20) at 0.8 and Percent BFE (%) at 99.9a.

Determination of Inhalation and Exhalation Resistance for Air-Purifying Respirators Test conform to this NIOSH criterion for Airflow Resistance.  Results:  Inhalation Resistance (mmH20) at 7.0 and Exhalation Resistance (mmH20) at 8.8 passed NIOSH Acceptance.

Latex Particle Challenge Report (ASTM F2299).  Results:  Filtration Efficiency (%) 98.9.

All tests were performed by Nelson Laboratories (Study Director, Adrianne Sandall, B.S.).