Pandemic Information

N95 masks are not practical during a pandemic. You could never produce enough N95 masks because they are being disposed of faster than they can be made. Shelf life stock pile expired N95 mask issues: Risk of self-contamination due to exposed filter, not effective when wet.
RS1 Particle mask is an alternative for pandemic use. Laboratory tested for 99.9 Bacterial/Viral Efficiency with a Delta P of 0.8 and a Particle Size Efficiency of 0.1. Mask and filter are reusable and filters can be replaced, no shelf life issues, no risk of self – contamination and comparably priced to an N95 mask. Effective when raining conditions exist.
Purchasing one RS1 Particle Mask is equivalent to purchasing 279 N95 Masks. Based on N95 maximum usage of 8 hours and RS1 Particle Mask maximum usage of 2,232 hours, if you ordered 10,000 RS1 Particle Masks it would be equivalent to purchasing 2,790,000 N95 masks!!!