Price List

Approx. 3 months (2,232 hours) of continuous use.

Change RS1 Mask when visible dirt on filter appears or breathing becomes difficult. Bacterial / Viral Filtration Efficiency: 99.99% .

The higher the efficiency, the more particulates the respirator will filter out. 

20 - 500       $5.50 ea.

501 - Plus    $5.00 ea.


RS1 Particle Masks help protect by capturing particles with an enclosed filter that cannot be easily touched. RS1 Particle masks are a practical alternative for quarantine situations, public / private gatherings and meetings. RS1 Mask are reusable.

NOTE: N95 respirators filter out 95% of particles in the air, filtering out all types of particles, including bacteria and viruses. The accumulation of bacterial and viral particles on the exposed external surface of the N95 respirator mask may be an exposure hazard from contact with the filter, including becoming a fomite for infectious agents. (No Mandatory use filtering face-piece mask) . How does OSHA define a filtering face-piece/dust mask? A filtering face-piece respirator is defined in 29 CFR 1910.134(b) as "a negative pressure particulate respirator with a filter as an integral part of the face-piece. An N95 mask has an approximate shelf life of 3 years.